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If you are looking for the last documentation in the 4.x series, see 4.7.5. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

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To support the differing needs for sophisticated, rich searching, Fedora 4 comes with a standard mechanism and integration point for indexing content in an external service.  This could be a general search service such as Apache Solr or a standalone triplestore such as Fuseki or Blazegraph

To set up external index and searching you must:

Install and configure standalone search applications

The following search applications have been tested:

See the Solr Indexing Quick Guide to get quickly up and running with a Fedora 4 Solr integration.

Install and configure fcrepo-camel-toolbox

The following github page has detailed instructions as to how to set up fcrepo-camel-toolbox. This standalone app listens to messages produced by fcrepo4 and invokes the search applications as configured: