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This profile is derived from the profile of a real collection:  http://bindings.lib.ua.edu/

This collection consists of approximately 5400 book cover objects, which are stored in Fedora using an atomistic model:  the parent object contains descriptive and administrative metadata about the book, and the child objects contain images (one image per child) and technical metadata about the image.

For the sake of simplicity, I've flattened the collection into compound objects:  every object contains both the descriptive and administrative metadata, and the image content streams and technical metadata.  I've left out the METS structmap, RELS-EXT, RELS-INT, and DC datastreams, to give a picture of the content.


ParameterSuggested valuesNotes
Number of objects6000 
Average number of datastreams per objectsee note

1 - 4 binary TIFF datastream:  average is 2.19

1 - 4 XML MIX technical metadata streams, one for each image: average is  2.19

1 MODS datastream

1 PREMIS datastream

Total average: 4.19 datastreams per object

Standard deviation of datastreams per objectsee note

TIFF datastreams: .674

XML MIX datastreams: .674

Average size of datastreamsee note

TIFF:  16461985 bytes (16 MB)

MODS:  2794 bytes

MIX: 2804 bytes

PREMIS:  817 bytes

Standard deviation of datastream size

see note

TIFF: 14259792 bytes (14 MB)

MODS:  474 bytes

MIX: 15 bytes

PREMIS: 200 bytes

Average number of properties per node1fcr:accessroles property for authorization
Standard deviation of properties per node0 
Is datastream data random?YesEach datastream is unique;  there are no constant value datastreams.



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