Old Release

This documentation covers an old version of Fedora. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

Test results summary for Platform: lib-devsandbox1.ucsd.edu, Repository: minimal.  All objects contain one 50MB datastream, all times in milliseconds:

TestFedora 3Fedora 4SetupWorkflowNotes

Ingest 100 objects

231,663131,143Empty RepositoryBenchtool IngestAverage of 100 batches
Read 1,000 objects470,466527,34910,000 x 50MBBenchtool ReadAverage of 10 batches
Update 1,000 objects2,198,4251,287,50610,000 x 50MBBenchtool Update 
Delete 1,000 objects10,78739,3362,000 x 50MBBenchtool Delete 


  • Ingest and update are dramatically faster (approx. 40%) in Fedora 4.
  • Read is marginally faster (approx. 10%) in Fedora 3.
  • Deletes are much faster in Fedora 3, but very fast in both Fedora 3 and 4.
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