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The SparqlIndexer listens to the repository generated JMS events and index records to the triplestore like Fuseki, Sesame etc. It implements the org.fcrepo.indexer.Indexer interface for the indexing functionalities, which consists of the methods to handle new/updated records and deleted records.

Once the SparqlIndexer configured to index the records, we can use the triplestore to perform external SPARQL searchings with the SPARQL Recipes.

The triplestore needs to be started before running the message consumer web app. Please follow the instructions to setup a triplestore.


The indexer is configured using Spring, which can be done through the Java bean setter methods.  Here is a sample configuration fragment showing how to configure and use the SparqlIndexer:

  <!-- sparql-update indexer -->
  <bean id="sparqlUpdate" class="org.fcrepo.indexer.sparql.SparqlIndexer">
    <!-- fuseki -->
    <property name="queryBase" value="http://${fuseki.host:localhost}:${fuseki.port:3030}/test/query"/>
    <property name="updateBase" value="http://${fuseki.host:localhost}:${fuseki.port:3030}/test/update"/>
    <property name="formUpdates">
      <value type="java.lang.Boolean">false</value>
    <!-- sesame -->
    <property name="queryBase" value="http://${sesame.host:localhost}:${sesame.port:8081}/openrdf-sesame/repositories/test"/>
    <property name="updateBase" value="http://${sesame.host:localhost}:${sesame.port:8081}/openrdf-sesame/repositories/test/statements"/>
    <property name="formUpdates">
      <value type="java.lang.Boolean">true</value>
  <!-- Message Driven POJO (MDP) that manages individual indexers -->
  <bean id="indexerGroup" class="org.fcrepo.indexer.IndexerGroup">
    <constructor-arg name="indexers">
        <ref bean="sparqlUpdate"/>
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