Old Release

This documentation covers an old version of Fedora. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

Alpha-1 Test Results

The Alpha-1 benchmark test results are from June 2013:

These tests ingested a very small number of objects/containers (10), and files ranging from 1 byte to 100MB.

Alpha-3 Test Results

The Alpha-3 benchmark test results from December 2013:

Create/Read/Update/Delete Test Results

Testing was performed to create, read, update and delete objects/containers in Fedora 3, Fedora 4-alpha3, and Fedora 4-alpha5 (4-current), using the cURL command-line tool (Fedora 3 test script, Fedora 4 test script).  Each test run processed 3,000 objects/containers, and each object had a single 10MB binary.  Each repository was tested twice and the average times are summarized below.


PlatformRepositoryObjects/ContainersBinary SizeIngest (sec)Read (sec)Update (sec)Delete (sec)

Fedora 3.7.1

3,00010 MB1,3438131,19542
lib-devsandbox1.ucsd.eduFedora 4.0-alpha33,00010 MB1,3967981,202139
lib-devsandbox1.ucsd.eduFedora 4.0-alpha5 (4-current)3,00010 MB 1,2146131,112121


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