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Ensure your content is on a filesystem accessible to Fedora 4

The file system federation connector supports mounting a single root path (and what's present beneath it).  Furthermore, unless you configure it to use an external properties store, it will add additional files to each visited directory with properties for the files (even if in read-only mode). 

Make sure that:

  1. The path to your content and all files beneath it can be read by Fedora
    1. When using an external properties store, the external directory exists and is Fedora-readable and Fedora-writeable
    2. Otherwise, the path to your content files must also be able to be written to by Fedora

On POSIX systems, if the original organization of content is not ideal for your Fedora federation, you may use symbolic links to include just the resources you wish to be included in the structure (as defined by your needs).  This may help you tailor your federation to include a subset of a larger archival storage or allow you to overcome performance or usability issues associated with an extremely flat hierarchy.

Determine where in your Fedora repository you wish to "mount" the federation

It is the easiest, configuration-wise, to mount a federation at the root level of your repository. But if you need a more sophisticated organization, perhaps to expose cascading access controls, mounting a federation at an arbitrary path is possible.

Configuring a path within a hierarchy is not currently a well-supported option.  That said, it can be accomplished, as it's demonstrated in the following example.

We wish to mount a directory to the Fedora path "/collection1/masters/files":

  • configure a file system federation that mounts the content at the specified path
  • start Fedora (the parent node of the federation doesn't exist, so the federation won't be accessible)
  • create a new node with the name "collection1/master/files"
  • delete the "files" node (the parent will still exist)
  • restart Fedora


Update your repository configuration

Changes to your repository configuration (repository.json) require a restart to take effect.  Configuration options are detailed here, but in general you'll need to add an element that points to the directory path that contains your federated files (and possibly a path for your external properties).

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