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This documentation covers an old version of Fedora. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

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Deploying Fedora 4 Complete Guide

Although deploying Fedora 4 is as easy as downloading the WAR file and copying to your servlet container's webapps directory, this document details the process.

Authentication and Authorization

The Fedora 4 Authentication (AuthN) and Authorization (AuthZ) framework is designed to be flexible and extensible, to allow any organization to configure access to suit its needs.

Deploying a Fedora Cluster

To support horizontal scalability use cases as well as geographic distribution, Fedora 4 can be configured as a cluster of application servers.

Metrics Reporting

Fedora 4 is instrumented using Metrics These metrics are exposed via JMX and an HTTP API. All REST API operations track timing and histogram information. Key internal API methods are also included. Modeshape and Infinispan include their own metrics reporting over JMX.

Setup Camel Message Integrations

Setup OAI-PMH Provider

This guide will help you setup the OAI-PMH provider for Fedora 4 on Tomcat 7. For further details, please refer to the project's documentation on GitHub

ModeShape Artifacts Layout


The Fedora community has conducted a number of performance tests. The details of each test, including testing parameters and results, are included in the following sections.

Setup Audit Service

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