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This documentation covers an old version of Fedora. Looking for another version? See all documentation.

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The Fedora 4 logging output can be configured by setting System properties for either all logging output, or for individual packages.

log.fcrepoAll Fedora 4 logging
log.fcrepo.authAuthentication and authorization
log.fcrepo.connector.fileFilesystem federation
log.fcrepo.generator.dublincoreDC format
log.fcrepo.http.apiREST API interface
log.fcrepo.http.commonsREST API implementation
log.fcrepo.jmsJMS events
log.fcrepo.kernelCore API storage


These properties can be set to any of these values (in increasing verbosity): "ERROR", "WARN", "INFO" (the default), "DEBUG" or "TRACE".  For example, to increase the access control logging to debug, but decrease all other logging to warn, add these System properties to your Java command line:

-Dlog.fcrepo=WARN -Dlog.fcrepo.auth=DEBUG


There are also a few properties for test logging, which only impact the logging when building Fedora 4 from source:

log.fcrepo.integration.httpREST API integration tests
log.fcrepo.integration.jmsJMS events integration tests
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