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Fedora 3.8.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 1 December 2014

Fedora 3.8.0 is a release with bug fixes and improvements. The principal goals of the release are performance improvements, code cleanup and reorganization, and upgrades of library dependencies to the most modern versions possible for stability.

All new users are encouraged to install the Fedora 4 release.


The binaries for this release may be downloaded on Sourceforge or from Maven Central. The project may be built from source at GitHub.


The Fedora Commons project would not be possible without the support of its community. In particular, this release is indebted to the following individuals and institutions for contributions:

  • Benjamin Armintor, Columbia University
  • Scott Prater, University of Wisconsin
  • Frank Asseg, FIZ Karlsruhe


Fedora 3.8.0 now supports conditional GET requests for datastream disseminations, as well as the option to set the status of an object upon creation via the REST API.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

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Previous Release Notes

The release notes for older versions of Fedora can be found in the documentation for each version. You can find the documentation for all versions here.

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