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Fedora Repository 3 Documentation
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The Fedora client distribution comes with several command-line utilities that can be used to run some common operations without bringing up the GUI or writing your own SOAP client. A description and usage instructions for each follows.

This guide assumes you have correctly installed the Fedora client distribution as per the install guide, including having set up your PATH and FEDORA_HOME appropriately. The command-line scripts are located in FEDORA_HOME/client/bin/. In Windows, these commands resolve to batch files (.bat); in Unix, they resolve to shell scripts (.sh).

Java memory settings

Note that the memory settings used by the client command-line utilities are set in the script (or env-client.bat on Windows). If you have any problems with running out of memory you can change the default values in this file.

Note: There are also server command-line utilities which perform server rebuilding, validation, and other functions.

All Client Command-line Utilities:

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