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Current released version

SIP Creator 1.1 is the currently released version.


Compatible with DirIngest 1.2.

1. Overview

The Fedora SIP Creator is a Java applet for preparing Submission Information Packages ("SIPs") for use with the Fedora Directory Ingest Service.

2. Installation

First, the applet must be compiled:

  • Make sure you have a 1.4+ JDK and ant installed.
  • Change to the base directory of the source distribution.
  • Type keytool -genkey -alias samplekey -storepass samplepass -keystore keystore and answer the prompts. This will generate a keystore file that will be used to digitally sign the applet jar file during the build.
  • Type ant dist. This will build the signed applet jar into the dist/ directory.

If desired, copy the content of the dist/ directory to a web-accessible location.

3. Use

  • Point your browser to the Test.html file. This can be loaded from a web server or directly from your local filesystem.
  • In the "File Selection" tab:
    • Click the "Open" icon and select the local directory containing the files you want to ingest.
    • Check the specific directories and/or files to be ingested.
  • In the "Metadata Entry" tab:
    • Right click any file you want to add metadata to, answer any prompts and fill in any values.
    • Double click any file whose MIME type you want to change. Initial MIME types for each file are guessed based on the extension and content.
    • When finished, click the floppy disk "Save" icon, and enter a filename with a .zip extension.
  • Upload the ZIP file to the Directory Ingest service

Copyright © 2008 Fedora Commons, Inc.
Copyright © 2002-2007 The Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia and Cornell University

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