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How To Contribute

You don't have to be a committer to contribute code!  We have a lot of things to work on, and love to receive quality contributions. Patches for bugfixes and code cleanup are most appreciated, and are relatively easy to get approved and merged by an existing committer.

You can find a list of unassigned, outstanding items to be worked on in the FCRepo Tracker. You can also report issues that you discover directly to this tracker.  Please notify us via the fedora-commons-developers mailing list if you plan on working on an item.  When you're ready to submit code, you can attach your changes (vs master) to the issue in question. Better yet, submit a pull request via github.

If you submit code, we'd like to have your formal permission to distribute your contributions! To make this process easy, we can take an emailed copy of your signed CLA.  For further instructions, see the Fedora Commons Licenses Page.

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