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The test plan covers all sub-tasks, bugs, improvements and new features of the 3.6 release.

Assigned items end with (Name of Tester). All other items need help !

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^General system tests that need to be done for any release
Installation and integration tests with Windows (XP/7) + Oracle + Java 6 (Chris)
Installation and integration tests with Microsoft SQL Server + Windows (XP/7) + Java 6 (Frank)
Installation and integration tests with OSX + PostgreSQL + Java 6 (A. Soroka)
Installation and integration tests with Linux + MySql + Java 6 (Eddie)
Installation and integration tests with OSX + Derby + Java 6 (A. Soroka)
Installation and integration tests with Linux + PostgreSQL + MPTStore + Java 6 (Frank)
Rebuild RI and SQL with Windows + Mulgara + Derby + Java 6 (Chris)
Rebuild RI and SQL with Linux + MPTStore + PostgreSQL + Java 6 (Frank)
Swing Administrator tests - manual (Dan)
Web Administrator tests - manual (A. Soroka)
RMI receiver tests - manual (Eddie)
GSearch sanity test w/messaging - manual (Jonathan)
OAIProvider sanity test - manual ()
^Issue specific tests
FCREPO-951 Create REST API equivalent of getDatastreams API-M method
FCREPO-795 Integrate FeSL with module/spring architecture
FCREPO-452 Move away from Axis 1.3
FCREPO-787 Adding datastream with referenced content on file system throws Exception when providing a checksum
FCREPO-1085 Upgrade jaxrs library
FCREPO-1080 DateUtility's date parsing is buggy
FCREPO-1067 Create fault codes for Fedora exceptions to be used in Web service error reporting
FCREPO-1029 Tidy up logging in DefaultDOManager.doCommit() - ensure errors are logged as such
FCREPO-1026 Make validation more pluggable/configurable
FCREPO-1072 getDatastreamHistory always logs an error when invoked via REST API
FCREPO-1021 Split Java REST client into two artefacts - main REST API and a separate Messaging client
FCREPO-1041 ECM validate returns 404 and text if target object of relationship is missing
FCREPO-999 Ability to specify FeSL caching options in config instead of environment variable
FCREPO-998 RI Module fails to start if log level is set to DEBUG
FCREPO-702 Update version of Mulgara
FCREPO-944 Export Serializer fails on large datastreams owing to limitation of int as array index
FCREPO-907 Internal server error when accessing managed datastreams for objects with the pid namespace 'file'
FCREPO-238 APIM.ingest() creates objects with wrong last modification
FCREPO-971 Changes to Maven projects to better support IntelliJ IDEA
FCREPO-1013 Select a Java profiling tool, e.g. JProfiler, YourKit
FCREPO-1000 Fedora Admin (Swing) Client datastream mimetypes for Word, Excel and Powepoint are inconsistent w/ server mimetype extension mappings

^New Features

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