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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:



  • Fedora 3.7 Release Update
  • Open
    • Code key signing
    • Fedora4 RoadMap review?
    • Install fest?
    • Can we document additional Fedora4 practices?
        • project descriptions in POMs (sufficient for dependency work)
        • pull request procedure
        • package level javadoc?
        • template project w/minimal POM dependencies for integration tests
    • Wiring practices (can someone add info about Guice?)
    • Ideas for Sprint b3 ticket: Search and/or MODS Sequencer( MPDL)

Previous Actions



Agenda item: Fedora 3.7 update

Benjamin Armintor3.7 ready to release, but needs help on publishing documentation and webpage (Plone site ).

Benjamin Armintor: Reducing the number of sites to maintain ( wiki, sourceforge, etc )? Too many sites makes releases really painful.

General agreement to leave Fedora 3 documentation sources behind for Fedora 4

Greg Jansen: Use the github pages site?

Benjamin Armintor: performance related changes in 3.7.1 RC set for release this week

Benjamin Armintor and A. Soroka: possible future changes in FCREPO3 XML processing to allow for use of other JVMs than the Sun JDK.

Benjamin Armintor: Thoughts for improving memory use in F4 through the use of subclasses of ByteArrayInputStream and CharArrayWriter. Also, avoiding toByteArray() and other methods that require a full copy of data.

How to make sure people know to use these techniques?

Benjamin ArmintorUsing the profiler showed excellent gains in memory efficiency with these techniques and other enhancements.

Agenda item: Code key signing 

Benjamin Armintor will start.

Agenda item: Fedora Four roadmap feedback

Committers and the institutions they represent should give feedback on that page.

Agenda item: Installfest

Greg Jansen: A way to get committers' a look to the current state,  as well as others.

Both physical and virtual settings for the installfest?

A. Soroka: Add to DLF page

Start thinking about creating introduction videos, especially configuration in different environments

Agenda item: Document practices

Need more than one line of description in POMs

Put pull request procedure in the top level readme and elsewhere

Package level JavaDocs in the kernel first, other places later

project descriptions in POMs

Ned to update top level POM ( assigning to Andrew )

benefit from good Maven metadata:  maven search engine results look better

examples of possible Maven archetypes: JMS driven, listening to internal event bus, Hello World, archetype

Agenda item: Wiring Practices

A. Soroka

Some comments have been added, looking for comments from people with Guice experience

Agenda item: Ideas for forthcoming sprint

Ye: In the next sprint, Search Function or MODS Sequencer

Clarifying features desired or needed

Thinking about the indexing of fields 

Differences between 3.x and FF views about metadata 

A. Soroka: Looking at the ModeShape XML sequencer is a good place to start to understand sequencers

Greg Jansen: Design pages as a place to get comments and feedback

The work of the sprint will be helpful for others to see 

Greg Jansen and A. SorokaDifferences between Fedora 3 object and Fedora 4 nodes

Greg Jansen: many sources of indexing information

A. Soroka: comparing JCR path languages and XPath

A. Soroka:  LDPath functionalities for resources created by Chris Beersee fcrepo-transform module, also able to run SPAQL query against nodes

New item: Sprint info 

Greg Jansen: Two hour kickoff meeting on Monday at 11:00-1:00 EDT, six people on sprint


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