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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:


Regular Items:

  1. Notetaker volunteer
  2. Review last week's actions
  3. Status questions/clarification
  4. Review recently submitted issues (15 minutes)

Discussion Topics:

  1. YourKit findings

Individual Status

If you have status items to report, please enter them below at least 1 hour before the meeting starts.




  • Chris
  • Eddie
  • Ed
  • Steve
  • Ben


See notes on IRC. Pasted below:

[15:00] <cwilper> Starting
[15:03] * barmintor ( has joined #duraspace
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[15:09] <sbayliss> Steve starts taking notes...
[15:09] <sbayliss> Actions from last week:
[15:09] <sbayliss> * update release availability
[15:10] <sbayliss> * have a go with YourKit
[15:12] <sbayliss> Release availability page is showing "days" but people are recording hours. Just updated the page to say "hours"
[15:12] <sbayliss> Chris reports CloudSync 1.0 is out
[15:12] <sbayliss> Chris will go through some YourKit findings later
[15:13] <sbayliss> Reviewing recently submitted issues...
[15:13] <sbayliss> FCREPO-1023
[15:14] <sbayliss> No W3C SPARQL Query Results XML format
[15:15] <sbayliss> Would be good to find out what the specific differences are
[15:15] <sbayliss> Commented askiing for more info
[15:15] <barmintor> <sparql xmlns="">
[15:16] <sbayliss> FCREPO-1022 Deprecate Messaging client
[15:16] <barmintor> w3c root: <sparql xmlns="">
[15:16] <barmintor> this may be a Mulgara issue; I think we just pipe those results back (I'd have to check)
[15:17] <sbayliss> and FCREPO-1021 Split Java REST client into two artefacts (related)
[15:18] <sbayliss> Both opened, assigned to 3.6
[15:19] <sbayliss> Eddie to add Steve to Github repo (ID: penthes)
[15:20] <sbayliss> FCREPO-1004 Fedora object generator
[15:21] <sbayliss> - opened; Frank is doing some work on this
[15:21] <sbayliss> FCREPO-1003 - discussed on a previous call, opened
[15:21] * EdAtTheAlliance (811398fe@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[15:22] <sbayliss> FCREPO-998 - RI Module fails to start if log level is set to DEBUG
[15:22] <sbayliss> priority -> major
[15:22] <sbayliss> -> 3.6
[15:23] <sbayliss> -> open
[15:23] <sbayliss> FCREPO-997 - external datastreams: external service MIME type is passed through (not the one defined in the datastream)
[15:23] <sbayliss> Discussing if this is the right way or not...
[15:24] <sbayliss> Do we want Fedora to override external service mime-type?
[15:27] <sbayliss> Reasonable approach seems to be that if MIMEType is not defined in Fedora, then use external service MIMEType. If it is specified then use it.
[15:28] <sbayliss> Ben - it's really a feature request, not a bug
[15:29] <sbayliss> Current behaviour is probably not well documented
[15:30] <sbayliss> Issue Types: Feature is now Story
[15:31] <sbayliss> (non-committers may not be aware of this)
[15:42] <sbayliss> Would be good to have a custom form so folks get informed
[15:42] <sbayliss> Chris will look into this
[15:46] <sbayliss> Chris reporting on YourKit
[15:47] <sbayliss> Looked at call timings
[15:47] <sbayliss> fairly easy to do
[15:47] <sbayliss> tested ingesting demo objects
[15:48] <sbayliss> example: Schematron validation 95ms in an ingest of 186ms - ie half the ingest time
[15:49] <sbayliss> possibly stylesheets compiled every ingest
[15:50] * EdAtTheAlliance (811398fe@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #duraspace
[15:51] <sbayliss> YourKit pretty impressive, Chris found this relatively quickly
[15:52] <sbayliss> An issue could be raised for this
[15:52] <sbayliss> Q: is this a story?
[15:53] <sbayliss> probably it can be written as one
[15:57] <sbayliss> eg Epic could be about improving ingest time, Story could be about improving schematron validation performance
[15:59] <sbayliss> Chris will create a story for this
[16:02] <sbayliss> One for the future: discuss validation, plugabble, disabling, etc
[16:03] <sbayliss> Meeting concluded
[16:03] <barmintor> thanks for note-taking, sbayliss!
[16:03] <sbayliss> You're welcome! Made me pay attention

Action Items


  • Add Steve to mediashelf/fedora-client git repo


  • Look into customizing JIRA issue submission page to articulate what a story is (users no longer see "Feature Request", which may be confusing)
  • Look into upgrading to very latest Greenhopper, which requires JIRA upgrade per Eddie
  • Create story for Schematron validation based on YourKit findings


  • Create issue for on-ingest validation configurability (make more relaxed, like disabling schematrong, or more strict, like enabling integrity checks)


  • Experiment more with YourKit. See if you can find other obvious bottlenecks.
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