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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:

Agenda + Notes

  1. Mailing list config votes (reply-to-list)
    1. RESOLVED: will switch to reply-to-list (4 for, 0 against)
  2. 3.4.1 status
    1. Testing is done
    2. Dan and Chris met after the call and agreed that we will release to early group this Thurs, final group on Mon.
  3. Akubra update
    1. AKUBRA-1 (description of status from Scott)
    2. Issue tracking (now using AKUBRA tracker for purely Akubra-related issues)
    3. fcrepo-committers are akubra-committers...please sign up for akubra-dev list
    4. Chris: I think it would be useful to do an Akubra release with Scott when AKUBRA-1 is fixed in trunk. Fedora can then use that version in its trunk.
  4. Review a couple open issues from Scott:
    1. FCREPO-802 (jms broker avail at startup) - Scott will write up info from his blog on the wiki, soliciting input from others who have tried it. Will also attach patch to issue, but will close it after the documentation is updated.
    2. FCREPO-807 (steve bayliss reported) - Will switch type to BUG, since the behavior is unexpected. Also will deal with other formats (non-foxml) as a separate, but linked issue. Also, Chris and Aaron noted that it's possible to submit managed content (whatever format, xml included) inside foxml as long as you base64-encoded it first.
  5. Review newly-submitted issues
    1. (reviewed a few of the older issues)
  6. Report from Asger: After 400 ingest requests, authorization seems to fail. Has anyone else seen this? Dan: Have noticed a problem like this under load. Also recently in Data Conservancy project. ACTION: Asger to investigate the issue further and submit a high-priority issue to the tracker.

Audio + IRC Log

[15:01] <cwilper> Starting now:
[15:05] * anarchivist (~anarchivi@unaffiliated/anarchivist) has joined #duraspace
[15:08] * bradmc ( Quit (Quit: bradmc)
[15:09] <cwilper> action: switch to reply-to-list
[15:09] <cwilper> 4votes for, 0 against
[15:18] <cwilper>
[15:32] <tecoripa> Hello, Adam?
[15:33] <cwilper> Discussing
[15:34] <ajs6f> Hello, folks. Sorry-- I was away from the desk for a moment.

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