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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:

Agenda + Notes

  1. Carryover discussions from prior meetings:
    1. Mailing list configuration (reply-to-list)
      1. ACTION: Steve to initiate vote among committers (1-week)
    2. Maven repositories (recent discussion on committer's list)
      1. DECISION: Will endeavor to move to Sonatype's OSS repository, and eventually Central (wrapping third-party libs as needed). In Mark Diggory's experience, the real concern at Sonatype is with having quality metadata for poms they publish to central – wrapping is ok. This will give us an opportunity to make sure all our third-party poms under our group ID have good metadata, including license info, so we can auto-build the license detail report from maven, for publication.
  2. Touching base on 3.5
    1. Rough Goals (from OR10 discussion)
      1. Continued work on Enhanced Content Models
      2. Prep work for High Level Storage (Spring integration)
      3. Performance analysis and improvements
      4. Re-engineering of release process (push-button)
      5. Bug fixes!
      6. SUGGESTION FROM KAI (as a compelling 3.5 feature): Integration/re-work of command-line tools.
    2. Rough Date? (NOT DECIDED)
    3. Next Steps?
  3. Review newly-submitted issues (HIT 3 ISSUES, WILL CARRY OVER TO NEXT WEEK)

IRC Chat Log

[14:55] <cwilper> Starting in 5 min:
[15:12] <sbayliss>
[15:12] <cwilper> (discussing reply-to-list)
[15:13] <cwilper> precendence: jakarta project does this
[15:29] <cwilper> q: does sonatype's OSS hosting allow wrapping of third-party artifacts that aren't otherwise available?
[15:31] <cwilper> mark: "focus is more on good metadata...wrapping third-party artifacts is ok in dspace project's experience"
[16:01] <cwilper> Aaron: "for 3.5, i think we talked about a feature or two being thrown in for spice"
[16:04] <cwilper> Kai: "command line tools for 3.5, web gui for 3.5"
[16:06] <cwilper> Ben: "re: Spring integration, got integration tests to run, some weirdness about DefaultDOManager deleting datastreams twice, have opened an issue about it"
[16:07] <barmintor>
[16:52] <barmintor> how long should we allow for voting on the maioling list issue?
[16:53] <barmintor> cwilper: "I was thinking a week."
[16:56] <cwilper> (fcrepo-committer meeting's over, thanks all)

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