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Background and mission

3TU.Datacentrum is the repository for datasets of the joint technical universities of the Netherlands. The focus is on science and technology.


3TU.Datacentrum currently uses Fedora 3.4. The stored objects are not only datasets but also supporting objects such as (representations of) instruments, locations, and periods of time. All these object are interlinked with rdf relationships. The user interface is generated with xslt (the Saxon service) which in turn makes heavy use of rdf queries to glue things together, e.g. dataset metadata with instrument and location metadata. We also produce ORE Resource Maps.
Some of the datasets are actually stored in another repository (OPeNDAP) which has advanced capabilities for specalized data formats such as netCDF. Fedora has basic metadata records, and the user interface provides an integrated view of these datasets through a coupling (web service) with the OPeNDAP repository.

Web site

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