DuraCloud supports uploading files through file selection or drag-and-drop via the web-based DuraCloud administrative interface. However, this method requires you to initiate the upload for each file or set of files every time you would like to update them.  Also, this web-based administrator does not allow you to upload whole directories at a time. Enter the DuraCloud Sync ToolThis application allows you to continuously copy files from any number of local folders to a DuraCloud space.  As you add, update, and delete files locally these changes will be automatically propagated to the cloud. You can use the tool in two different modes: GUI mode or via a command-line interface.

Running in GUI Mode

To run in GUI Mode,  you can download and install one of our conveniently-packaged, platform-specific installers. Once the installation is complete, the application will guide you through the setup. You will be up and running in five minutes. For more guidance, watch this three minute video that demonstrates how to install, configure and run the DuraCloud Sync Tool in GUI mode.

Command-Line Mode

Command-line mode is useful for those users running in a server environment, for those who want to run the Sync Tool in scripts, or for those who simply prefer a command line interface.


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