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The DuraCloud SyncTool is a software package which is downloaded and installed on a client machine for the purpose of transferring content to be preserved from the local system to DuraCloud. The SyncTool is a Java-based application that will run on most systems which support Java 11 or above. To keep costs down, the DuraCloud development team focuses testing and support efforts on the following system configurations. Systems which fall outside of these guidelines are supported on a best effort basis.

Supported OS

  • Windows 10+

  • Windows Server 2016+

  • MacOS X 10.10.x+

  • Ubuntu 16.04+

Java (JRE)


  • Chrome (recommended)

  • Safari

  • FireFox

  • Microsoft Edge

Local Disk Storage:

The recommended amount of free disk depends on the settings configured when using the SyncTool and the content to be transferred

Recommended GBs of free disk = Number of transfer threads * Maximum chunk size * 2

When using default settings, which is 3 transfer threads and a 1 GB max chunk size, no less than 6 GB of free disk space should be available to the for the purposes of the SyncTool. This provides space for temporary files created during processing as well as log files generated by the tool. Additional space should be made available if any other processing is occurring on the machine concurrent with the SyncTool.


More CPUs allow for more parallel processing. At a minimum, we recommend a dual-core 2.0 GHZ processor.


The amount of RAM needed depends on the amount of content being transferred. The SyncTool starts by creating an in-memory listing of the full content set to be transferred, so more files means more necessary RAM. At a minimum, 1GB of RAM should be available to allocate to the SyncTool.

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