The DuraCloud system is composed of multiple parts, which tend to fall into one of three categories:


  • The primary software applications with which DuraCloud users interact
  • Includes the DuraStore (storage API) and DurAdmin (adminstrative UI) web applications
  • Find out more about deploying DuraCloud for development here and for production here.

Management Console

  • Used to manage accounts, users, and groups
  • This software is primarily used by those managing the DuraCloud system, but also used by account administrators to manage account details, administer users, and define groups
  • All users create and manage their personal profile via the Managment Console, which includes password changes and email address updates
  • Find out more about deploying the Management Console here


  • Task processing system which runs in the background (i.e. not seen by users, no UI) to handle duplication, bit integrity, storage reporting, audit and manifest processing, and other batch jobs.
  • Includes a series of task producers (roughly one per task type) and a work manager, which handles the processing of tasks
  • Makes heavy use of AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service) to queue and process tasks
  • Find out more about deploying the Mill here


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