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Convenience Variables

The curl commands below can be used directly if you define the following variables in your shell


DuraStore Notes

The curl commands in the DuraStore section expect a test file for uploads.

echo hello > ${file}

Note that if the target of a content or space retrieval (GET) has access permissions set to "OPEN", then the "-u" option in the curl commands is not required.


Get Stores
curl -u ${user}:${pword} https://${host}/durastore/stores
Get Spaces
curl -u ${user}:${pword} https://${host}/durastore/spaces
curl -u ${user}:${pword} https://${host}/durastore/spaces?storeID=1
Create Space
curl -u ${user}:${pword} -X PUT https://${host}/durastore/${space-0}
curl -u ${user}:${pword} -H "x-dura-meta-city: arlington" -H "x-dura-meta-state: va" -X PUT https://${host}/durastore/${space-1}?storeID=1
Store Content
curl -u ${user}:${pword} -T ${file} https://${host}/durastore/${space-0}/test.txt
curl -u ${user}:${pword} -T ${file} https://${host}/durastore/${space-0}/item.txt
Get Space
curl -u ${user}:${pword} https://${host}/durastore/${space-0}
curl -u ${user}:${pword} https://${host}/durastore/${space-1}?storeID=1
curl -u ${user}:${pword} https://${host}/durastore/${space-0}?prefix=test
Set Space Properties
curl -u ${user}:${pword} -H "x-dura-meta-country: usa" -X POST https://${host}/durastore/${space-0}
Get Space Properties
curl -u ${user}:${pword} -I https://${host}/durastore/${space-0}
curl -u ${user}:${pword} -I https://${host}/durastore/${space-1}?storeID=1
Get Content
curl -u ${user}:${pword} https://${host}/durastore/${space-0}/test.txt
curl -u ${user}:${pword} https://${host}/durastore/${space-0}/test.txt?storeID=0\&attachment=true
Set Content Properties
curl -u ${user}:${pword} -X POST -H "x-dura-meta-color: green" https://${host}/durastore/${space-0}/test.txt
Get Content Properties
curl -u ${user}:${pword} -I https://${host}/durastore/${space-0}/test.txt
Delete Content
curl -u ${user}:${pword} -X DELETE https://${host}/durastore/${space-0}/test.txt
Delete Space
curl -u ${user}:${pword} -X DELETE https://${host}/durastore/${space-0}
curl -u ${user}:${pword} -X DELETE https://${host}/durastore/${space-1}?storeID=1
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