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DuraCloud provides a mediation layer over cloud storage systems. The architecture of DuraCloud is such that several of these storage systems, which DuraCloud calls "storage providers", can be configured and put into use at one time. DuraCloud expects that there will be one primary storage provider, then permits any number of secondary providers to be configured. The primary provider is the location in which content is stored immediately upon user transfer; content is then automatically copied to all configured secondary providers. The lists below indicate the primary and secondary storage providers currently available through the production DuraCloud hosted service, as well as the storage providers which are included in the DuraCloud open source code base, but are not currently considered production level quality.

Current DuraCloud Storage Providers

Primary storage providers

Storage providers which are used as a primary storage location within DuraCloud. A primary provider can be used alone or with any number of secondary providers.

Secondary storage providers

Storage providers which are available as a secondary storage location in DuraCloud. Content in the primary storage provider is duplicated into all configured secondary providers.

Development storage providers

Storage providers which are not made available in production DuraCloud environments because their current level of development and/or testing is not yet sufficient. Providers on this list may be scheduled to move into production status or may be held back due to technical or business reasons. These providers are available as part of the open source DuraCloud codebase, but it is not recommended that they be used in a production environment without further development.

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