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(If you have an agenda suggestion/addition, please leave a comment!)

  • Sprint Follow-Up
  • Release Planning
    • What needs to be included in the 6.3.0 release that isn't yet done?
    • An update to the Beanstalk deployment will be needed for 6.3.0:  DURACLOUD-1266 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Updates - status and activity
    1. LYRASIS
    2. TDL
    3. U Toronto
      1. Archive-It integration



DuraCloud documentation

  1. User documentation (wiki)
  2. Deployment documentation (github)


  • Need to finish everything before the release. Are we maintaining compatibility with Java 8? Should be able to compile on 11 and run on 8 but not 100% sure or tested.
  • Todos before release:


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