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(If you have an agenda suggestion/addition, please leave a comment!)

  • Updates - status and activity
    1. LYRASIS
    2. TDL
      1. Testing with the newer Tomcat version in Beanstalk (Tomcat 8.5)
    3. U Toronto
  • Development activity/planning



DuraCloud documentation

  1. User documentation (wiki)
  2. Deployment documentation (github)


  • Web archiving interest group in TX now, might be interested in Archive-It integration in the future. Danny is working in updating this tool for the new API.
  • Jen Dandle, UCSD, did a first round of accessibility assessment with suggestions of where to start with DuraCloud UIs. She is also doing some work with a colleague who uses a screen reader, so might update.
  • Chronopolis price dropped and DuraCloud is adjusting pricing for storage accordingly
  • Univ Toronto: interested in Archive-It and a UI for the retrieval tool. Will roll some accessibility into that. Also looking at internationalization as well. At least 6 months before they can start, but not dependent on grant funds. 
  • Sprint Planning - the timing we discussed tentatively is looking difficult for LYR, Danny would not be able to participate. How does August look?
  • Not clear when DSpace 6.4 will be released. Moving to August would be possible for TDL. Univ Toronto can't participate in a sprint for at least 6 months. Will look to coordinate the following sprint with Univ Toronto.
  • NEW SPRINT DATES Moved to 17th of August and 24th of August
  • Reviewed development focus (above)
  • Nick still planning to look at updating to newer Elastic Beanstalk environment, Bill to create a ticket for tracking this work


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