This Confluence wiki site, maintained by DuraSpace prior to the recent merger with LYRASIS, will transition from the domain to the domain on Saturday, Nov 16 beginning at approximately 7pm ET. A period of downtime of 2-3 hours is expected. After the transition, this wiki will be available at All links to wiki pages will be redirected to the correct URL. If you have questions prior to or following the transition please contact:
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(If you have an agenda suggestion/addition, please leave a comment!)

  1. Updates - status and activity
    1. DuraSpace
      1. Planning for DuraCloud 6.1.0 release
    2. TDL
    3. CANARIE grant
  2. DuraSpace to LYRASIS transitions
    1. DuraSpace Slack channel
  3. Operations notes, issues, concerns
    1. Chunk size changes can leave behind unnecessary chunk files
      1. DURACLOUD-1154 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. DURACLOUD-1155 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  4. Updates from or planning for relevant conferences/events
  5. Development activity, PRs and reviews
  6. Priority development work (see backlog)
    1. Priority issues list


DuraCloud documentation

  1. User documentation (wiki)
  2. Deployment documentation (github)


  • 6.1.0 release, s soon as Danny can work though the SyncTool bugs we will be looking at a release. Timeline depends on Danny's time/availability. 
  • Chunk size changes: Have run into an issue with a customer updating content with a 1 GB chunk size, then again with a 5 GB chunk size. Leftover chunks were not cleaned up but the tool. Manifest doesn't list all chunks. Danny is working on this. See JIRA tickets above.
  • TDL: all contracts done for retiring DPN and moving to Chronopolis. No snapshots transferred, all will re-ingest. Expected to start in August. TDL can help with ticket 11237 from the backlog. 
  • Space-level streaming panel can move to the bottom of the interface
  • What's the best way to communicate? A new channel on LYRASIS slack


  •  Bill Brananwill create a new LYR slack channel for contributors 
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