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(If you have an agenda suggestion/addition, please leave a comment!)

  1. Update on CANARIE grant status and activity
  2. DuraSpace / Lyrasis merger update and impact
  3. Development activity, PRs and reviews
    1. DURACLOUD-680 - Adds vertical, horizontal scrollbars ...
    2. Add S3 Swift storage provider (and related Management Console PR)
  4. Priority development work (see backlog)
    1. Priority issues list


DuraCloud documentation

  1. User documentation (wiki)
  2. Deployment documentation (github)


  • New time seems to work well for all
  • Andy Foster
    • Working on Univ of Toronto libraries on CANARIE grant to get DuraCloud working without AWS
    • Status: Still working on code. 3 devs working on it.
    • Andy has already submitted one PR that was accepted, and other that is in work (to add Swift)
    • Retaining as much compatibility as possible. Swift deployment speaks the S3 API
    • Looking at storing space properties in a hidden space
    • Name of the grant is long, easier to just say CANARIE grant
    • Sibyl at UCSD has interest in this work
    • Would one of us be going to the CANARIE meeting?

  • DuraSpace / Lyrasis update
    • No much has changed
  • PR - DURACLOUD-680
    • It works. Not particularly pretty, but would be challenging to integrate another type of display. 
    • This won't affect most users, so is likely fine as it is.
    • Probably not worth just updating this column. If we're looking to update the UI, let's to it at a larger level
    • ACTION: Merge this as-is
  • New UI ?
    • Between JQuery layout 1.8 and 1.9 there were many changes. Doesn't seem possible to easily upgrade this.
    • One of the CANARIE grant folks is experienced with Angular, and could be available for a re-write
    • Danny would be interested in learning Angular
    • Next version of Verio is using Angular, so familiar with that codebase
    • We did select some graph updates last time. Could put these back.
    • Some analysis work would need to be done prior to a UI rewrite
    • Should consider how DSpace has approached the UI re-write (some portion seems to be just servicing the UI)
    • Should be looking at a UI that is stateless if possible
    • Currently the UI works best in an auto-scaled environment, including both UI and server-side. Would be looking to go purely javascript-based.
    • Danny is likely to be committed to Fedora work through the end of the year, but next spring could have more capacity. Could get started in the meantime.
    • UI work the first time around had a UX designer that provided the initial design that we then developed
      • Should talk to Tim about who did the UX design for DSpace 7
    • Nick booked up through the summer, not sure about the Fall. Spring of next year should be available. Partially depends on when the next version of DSpace is released.
    • Amaz would need to be engaged to know if UI work would fit into the scope of the grant. Timing would depend on how things go in the next few months
    • Need to see if there are any funding sources
  • PR - S3 Swift
  • Priority work
    • For Bill:  DURACLOUD-1065 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • For Nick: DURACLOUD-639, 640, 683
    • For Nick: DURACLOUD-1192 (changing out space check boxes for radio buttons).
      • Could just leave out the radio buttons. You can already select a single space.
      • May just be possible to hide the checkbox all the time (and leave the code in place, since it's likely used across both spaces and content items)
      • Would be helpful to allow root users to still be able to multi-select and delete spaces
  • AWS Digital Preservation meeting
    • Courtney will be attending and will post notes
    • Bill will be attending the AWS Public Sector Summit later


  • Determine tickets that are small enough to accomplish is a short period of time: 1192
  • Bill Branan will check with Andrea about  in-progress tickets
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