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Updating Angular UI Demo

The Angular UI Demo site ( is updated/redeployed automatically when any change is merged into the main branch of

So, shortly after you merge a PR, those changes should appear on the demo site.

Updating REST API Demo

The REST API Demo Site ( is updated/redeployed automatically when a change is merged into the rest-demo branch of

(NOTE: We chose to base this demo site off of a separate code branch simply because changes to the REST API can sometimes break Angular UI functionality.  So, we don't want newly merged PRs to break the Angular UI demo, and this offers us the opportunity to test the Angular UI against new REST API changes before deploying them to the demo site.)

Here's how you update the REST API Demo:

  1. First, merge any PR(s) that you want to deploy to REST API demo
  2. Next, merge/sync those changes over to the rest-demo branch. For example:
    1. git checkout main
    2. git pull
    3. git checkout rest-demo
    4. git merge main
  3. Then, push those changes back up to the rest-demo branch in GitHub
    1. git push upstream rest-demo
  4. At this point, 4Science's Jenkins system should detect the new changes. Jenkins will report on the #rest-api channel in Slack that it is redeploying (NOTE: It may take 5 minutes or so for the Jenkin's system to detect the changes and report on Slack)
  5. Wait for about 5 minutes, and Jenkins will report deployment success/failure on the #rest-api channel in Slack
  6. Assuming Jenkins reported success, the demo REST API should be updated! Test it out:
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