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Title (Goal)Structure - Support for derivative objects (e.g. thumbnails, coversheets)
Primary ActorEnd User
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

Derivative Objects are needed in DSpace to support dissemination of the original content in alternate formats. Cases where derivative formats are needed:

  • Text extraction for full text search
  • Thumbnail and preview image rendering for User interface
  • Alternative Image formats for preview tools (JPEG2000, @MIRE Image Zoom Tiles)
  • Alternative Audio / Video formats ( Ex: Flash and MPEG conversion for streaming purposes)








  1. This would be very useful.  We have also encountered a need to generate a directory of derivative assets for a single original bitstream.  It would be useful to have a mechanism to handle such a situation.  See FlexPaper Document Viewer for XMLUI

  2. Just a note that this may be related to Structure - Relationships between objects.

    If a "derivative" was actually a new type of object, or even just an alternative bitstream, there may be a better way of using an enhanced "relationship model" to describe how it relates back to the original.