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Title (Goal)Structure - Simple AssetStore for Human Traversal
Primary ActorSystem | Administrator
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An Administrator wishes to be able to have the means to locate a specific file stored in a DSpace assetstore.  Currently, the assetstore is difficult to traverse or locate files within as files are all stored as randomly-generated 38-digit numbers (see Storage Layer#BitstreamStore)

Rather than having to always query the database to locate specific files, the Administrator would like to configure their DSpace to utilize a straightforward (but unique) naming convention for the storage of all content files. Some examples may be storing files by date of deposit or even under a naming convention which mimics the unique identifiers of the Item objects.

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  1. Just a note that, while I agree the current assetstore structure is hard on humans, its advantage is that it attempts to avoid having any one directory having a large number of files sitting under it.  While it is less frequent these days, some older filesystems had limitations or performance issues if you have a very large number of files under a single directory.

    So, if we were to craft a "simple assetstore", we'd need to ensure that doing so wouldn't cause performance issues for very large collections, etc.