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Title (Goal)Structure - Associate Separate Properties with Each DSpace Community
Primary ActorSystem
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

Be able to attach generic configuration properties to any DSpace Object. Properties should be able to be used anywhere in DSpace for controlling user experience.

Examples of Configurable Options:

  • Repository Manager Configure theming template used in DSpace Community / Collection
  • Repository Manager Configure Theming overrides (header, footer, navigation ) for individual communities.
  • Repository Manager Configure Authentication methods that will be active for system and for specific communities
  • Repository Manager Select Submission process used for Collection
  • Repository Manager Select Steps that may be used during submission process.



1 Comment

  1. This seems like a specific implementation suggestion for supporting Admin UI - Configurations in the admin UI, especially for configs related to a specific Community or Collection.

    This also seems like an implementation suggestion for supporting Admin UI - Apply an existing theme to a collection or community through the GUI and Admin UI - Apply an input-form to the collection through the GUI