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Title (Goal)Integrations - Support external authorities (ORCID) in Authority Cache
Primary ActorSystem
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

The basic dspace metadata shouldn’t be polluted with subfields. In order to keep the relation with external authority data such as ORCID, DSpace should have a separate infrastructure to keep a local copy of externally sourced authority information. Technically, the standard Authority key field on dspace metadata fields are used to tie together the metadata fields and the entries in the "authority cache".

There is a need to manipulate these authority records as well. Therefore the authority cache needs robust features for CRUD (create, read, update, delete) on these authority records.

When a local copy is made of the external authority information in the local cache, a maximal number of useful fields should be copied and made available for searching and filtering. An important use case here is the use of affiliation information for ORCID records. In this case, affiliation information can help to determine if the right author was retrieved.


  1. Renaming this usecase because ORCID is just one example of authorities sourced from an external system

  2. This is one of the core functionalities addressed by DSpace-CRIS. As stated in the use case the additional information stored in the authority cache need to be easily accessible and usable in all the part of the system (search, browse, oai-pmh, etc.) see