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Title (Goal)Granular review workflow for new versions
Primary ActorAdministrator
ScopeWorkflow / Versioning
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)When a new version of an item is created, this currently creates a new workflow task. However, the only choices (as for all workflow tasks) are to accept the new version in its entirety or to reject the new version. It would be useful to have a more granular review workflow for updates to a live item; sometimes a new version may not be needed, or the ideal state would be a merge between the current live item and the new version (in terms of bitstreams and metadata).

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  1. Auckland University of Technology and the University of Waikato have a customised workflow in place that allows them to manage duplicate items created by an external system (that doesn't use the DSpace versioning system at this point). Similar operations would probably be useful for new versions in general. Details can be found at