Contribute to the DSpace Development Fund

The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

Goal details

Following areas have been identified where more contributions are definitely welcomed and even necessary to get to the final release.

  • development
    • Work on areas where preview release is still incomplete
    • Translate/localize in particular languages
  • testing
    • APIs
      • OAI-PMH
      • SWORD
      • REST
    • Angular UI end user functionality
    • Angular UI admin functionality
    • Angular UI crawler/google scholar functionality
    • Accessibility for users with specific limitations
  • writing documentation
  • promotion/marketing
    • if we find that our own time/resources in this group is too limited, we may need to bring in more muscle


Bram (Goal lead)

José (Review campaign drafts)


This can already start

Preview release is an excellent moment to get these people on board, because it has the potential to spark new enthusiasm


Keep track/count incoming contributions of people who haven't contributed to DSpace 7 before.


API users campaign

Heavy users of current DSpace APIs have a lot to gain and to lose on the API changes of DSpace 7. We can play on this intrinsic motivation to approach them.

The campaign format would be a direct emailing campaign, potentially couples with phone followups if we don't get responses on our emails.

Message draft


I am reaching out to you and your organization, because of your current usage and reliance on DSPACE API NAME.

A preview release of DSpace 7 is currently available. As all features, including the API you are building on, is affected by the changes in DSpace 7, we would highly welcome your involvement in testing and the verification of these APIs.

Our demo server is available at ....

Ideally, your feedback is provided in the test plan at ..., combined with the creation of a JIRA ticket in If you do not yet have an account on the latter, please email

Thank you for considering this request to be part of the final exciting stretch toward the DSpace 7.0 release. If you have any other questions or comments, let us know.

best regards,


Target audience

  • Google metadata API & screenscraping
    • Google Scholar team (Anurag/Monica Westin)
    • Symplectic (v2)
    • ProQuest (v1)
    • BioMed Central
    • ...
    • Symplectic
  • RSS
    • ??
  • AIP backup & restore
    • ??
    • ??
  • ResourceSync
    • ??? will this even be in DSpace 7?

Translator campaign

People who translated DSpace in the past should be informed about the new way of translating and be encouraged to contribute their translations prior to 7.0 release.

Individual translators are likely also motivated by personal recognition, so adding this in the mix as well.

2019-05-15 Status

The pull request for the new translation system & po files still has to be merged. Latest discussion, review and status available here:

Message draft


I am reaching out to you because you were kind enough to provide open source translations for the DSpace interface in the past.

As we are approaching the finish line on the release of DSpace 7, it would be amazing to ship the final version with as many quality translations as possible.

The translation process has been substantially simplified: we migrated to the Gettext/.PO format, where the English original messages are now used as the keys.

You can find more details on this on following documentation page: ...

Or watch this youtube video that explains the process in detail: ...

As with contributions in the past, both you and your institution will receive recognition for any contributions you can make to this significant release.

best regards,


Target audience

People who translated in the past, dig through mailinglist/github/... to find who those people were.

Possibly ambassadors in a local language?

Tester campaign

Reach out to people who have contributed to test execution in the past, and get them on board again. We need the new test plan ready to go before we launch this.

Target audience

  • Dutch
    • ...
  • French
    • ...
  • Portuguese
    • ...
  • German
    • ...
  • Spanish
    • ...
  • Chinese
    • ...
  • Arabic
    • ...

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