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Title (Goal)DSpace should allow the user to select a range of licensing terms when depositing and display those terms to an end user who wants to download the item
Primary ActorEnd User
Scope(Optional – notes the perceived design scope. For example, does this use case describe the needs of the overall system or an individual component)
Level(Optional – a general categorization of whether the use case is a very high level summary or almost too low level)
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)Sally wants to deposit a technical report under a CC-BY license. When she deposits she has an option of different Creative Commons licenses to select as well as the ability to state her own license terms. She could also put a CC-0 license on the report if she desired. When she goes to look at the item after it is deposited, it is very clear on the item page that the item has a CC-BY license because it uses the standard CC logo and description