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Title (Goal)Making more metadata clickable on item pages allowing end users to get easier access to related items
Primary ActorHuman
ScopeUI, Item pages, Item listings
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

A student, Sally, is doing research while writing her thesis. She is viewing the item page of a publication she finds interesting. At the bottom of the page, Sally notices several publications which are relates to the publication she is currently viewing. Sally clicks one of the relates publications, and is redirected to its item page.


  1. This use case was discussed during the DCAT Meeting August 2014.

    Call participants argued that this clickable metadata would be displayed in a subtle way, to avoid a feeling of "link & colour overload".

    These links would not be useful if they would direct to a list that only includes the item that the person originally visited.

  2. I think that feature is configurable in JSPUI....<n>

    in XMLUI we implemented this feature in a couple of repositories (by request)  BUT  as noted by call participants, with changes to css to avoid many underscore and colour changes in authors names.... (And I have doubts about the usefulness of that links.... )

    I personally would rather prefer  an evolution and adjust of    "faceted results"   and "more like this... "