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Title (Goal)DSpace should allow an end user to browse to find an item
Primary ActorEnd User
Scope(Optional – notes the perceived design scope. For example, does this use case describe the needs of the overall system or an individual component)
Level(Optional – a general categorization of whether the use case is a very high level summary or almost too low level)
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

Sally wishes to browse the authors in DSpace in order to see who of her former advisers have material in the repository. She clicks the author browse link and then attempts to page forward. She realises there are a lot of authors in the list and so utilises the feature to filter the list of authors by typing a part of her former advisor’s name. She finds the name and then clicks on that link to see the list of items associated with the name.

This can be repeated for any field that the repository wishes to set up an index for and is also possible at the community and collection level.

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  1. It was mentioned at the DCAT call covering end-user use cases that the browse experience is currently not consistent with Discovery & collection pages.

    In short, users would expect to see facets there as well.