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Version 6.1

DSpace 6.1 was officially released to the public on July 13, 2017.

DSpace 6.1 can be downloaded immediately from:

More information on the 6.1 release (and the 6.x platform in general) can be found in the 6.x Release Notes.

Upgrade instructions can be found at Upgrading DSpace

We highly recommend ALL users of DSpace 6.x upgrade to 6.1

DSpace 6.1 contains security fixes for the XMLUI, JSPUI and REST API. To ensure your 6.x site is secure, we highly recommend ALL DSpace 6.x users upgrade to DSpace 6.1.

DSpace 6.1 upgrade instructions are available at: Upgrading DSpace


DSpace 6.1 is a security & bug fix release to resolve several issues located in previous 6.x releases. As it only provides only bug/security fixes, DSpace 6.1 should constitute an easy upgrade from DSpace 6.x for most users. No database changes or additional configuration changes should be necessary when upgrading from DSpace 6.x to 6.1.

Major bug fixes include:

  • Security fixes for both JSPUI and XMLUI:

    • [HIGH SEVERITY] Basic (Traditional) Workflow approval process is vulnerable to unauthorized manipulations.( - requires a JIRA account to access.) 
      • Discovered by Pascal Becker (The Library Code / TU Berlin).
    • [LOW SEVERITY] DSpace failed to check if policies had valid dates when checking access permissions.( - requires a JIRA account to access.) 
      • Discovered by Pascal Becker (The Library Code / TU Berlin).
  • Security fixes for REST API:
    • [HIGH SEVERITY] A user with submit permissions can bypass workflow approvals by depositing via REST API.( - requires a JIRA account to access.) 
      • Discovered by Emilio Lorenzo.
    • [LOW SEVERITY] The "find-by-metadata" path publicly exposes metadata from access-restricted items.( - requires a JIRA account to access.) 
      • Reported by Bram Luyten (Atmire).
  • General bug fixes (to all UIs):
    • Performance improvements at API layer: DS-3558DS-3552
    • Submitters (who are not Admins) could not remove bitstreams from their in progress submission: DS-3446
    • Full text searching was only possible in the first bitstream (file): DS-2952
    • Configurable Workflow was throwing "Authorization is Denied" errors: DS-3367
    • IP Authorization range restrictions were not working properly: DS-3463
    • Item Versioning was not saving properly: DS-3381
    • Improve the text of database migration errors: DS-3571
    • Improve cache management for command line processes: DS-3579
    • Resolve CSV line break issue in bulk edit: DS-3245
    • Resolve error with null referrer to feedback page: DS-3601
    • Support all UTF-8 characters in configuration files: DS-3568
    • Fix update-handle-prefix script to no longer update handle suffix: DS-3632
  • XMLUI bug fixes:
    • /handleresolver path was no longer working: DS-3366
    • Display a restricted image thumbnail for access restricted bitstreams: DS-2789
    • Fix broken images when running Mirage 2 on Jetty: DS-3289
    • Archived submissions were being displayed chronologically instead of reverse chronologically: DS-3334
    • On Move Item page, the list of Collections was sorted by Collection name, instead of being first grouped by Community: DS-3336
    • ORCID / Authority Lookup button was no longer working in Mirage 2: DS-3387
    • Improve error message when user attempts to update an e-mail address to an existing address: DS-3584
    • Allow localization of input-forms.xml with XMLUI: DS-3598
    • Fix error when uploading large files (>2GB) via a web browser: DS-2359
    • Various other minor bug fixes
  • JSPUI bug fixes
    • READ access rights not being respected on Collection homepage: DS-3441
    • Fix issue where database connections were being kept open on some JSPUI pages: DS-3582
  • Oracle support bug fixes:
    • Oracle migrations took forever because of missing indexes: DS-3378
    • Community and Collection handles were not properly migrated between 5.x and 6.x: DS-3409
  • OAI-PMH bug fixes:
    • DIM crosswalks repeated authority information: DS-2947
  • REST API bug fixes:
    • Support for Shibboleth added: DS-3108
  • Solr Statistics fixes:
    • Item Statistics displayed UUID instead of file name: DS-3164
    • Sharding statistics corrupted some fields and was unstable: DS-3436DS-3457DS-3458
  • AIP Backup and Restore fixes:

Minor improvements include:

  • SEO improvement: Add configurable support for whitelisting specific file formats for Google Scholar citation_pdf_url tag: DS-3127
  • Add support for *.docx files (newer MS Word) to indexing process (via media filters). See DS-1140
  • Add ability to multi-select options in XMLUI's My Submission page. See DS-3448
  • Filter labels were missing in XMLUI's search screen. See DS-3573
  • Minor improvements to logging and error reporting.

In addition, this release fixes a variety of minor bugs in the 6.x releases. For more information, see the Changes section below.

Upgrade Instructions

No major new features in DSpace 6.1

6.1 is a bug-fix and minor enhancement release. This means it includes no major new features and only includes the below listed fixes.

For a list of all new 6.x Features, please visit the 6.x Release Notes.


The following bug fixes were released in 6.1.


Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

The following improvements / enhancements were released in 6.1.


Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

The following minor features were released in 6.1

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Organizational Details

Release Coordination

Timeline and Proceeding

Release Timeline:

  • Release Date: July 13 2017

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  1. In the advanced search I added class = "form-control" in the input text to be responsive since when it is loaded from a device with smaller screen than a conventional one is more comfortable to navigate and to use I do not know if this change was already Contemplated in this new version thanks (big grin)

    1. Hi Daniel Olivera: for a change to be contemplated, we need a ticket in our JIRA ticketing system ( and/or a Pull Request to GitHub.  DSpace has no centralized development team, and so we are highly dependent on contributions from our community of developers/users.  So, I'd welcome you to contribute your change for consideration in this release. See also: Code Contribution Guidelines

      1. Perfect thanks, I would like to contribute and ready in a few hours I will follow the code and make the changes.