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Welcome to Testathon 1.7

The Developer community never stops, and has created numerous new features, changes, improvements, bug-fixes, and other changes that go in to the next release of DSpace, DSpace 1.7. So we ask that you take a moment of your time to help ensure that we maintain the same great level of quality in the software that one would expect, to do so, check out what we've worked on, and leave us feedback where appropriate.

WHO: You! Everyone is invited to take part. Whether you manage multiple instances, or are interested in trying it out, we welcome your feedback.

WHAT: Help beta-test DSpace to ensure that it passes its ultimate test: that it does what users expect it to. We've added new features that could use more eyes, browsers, and mouse-clicks to make sure that things aren't missing, that they don't break, that they don't lose your data, and that they easily do what one expects them to do. So if any features have issues while your testing it, click the Feedback button and tell us about it.

WHEN: Starting: Monday 8th to Sunday 12th, November 2010. You can keep visiting the site and leaving feedback afterwards, as part of continual improvement.

WHY: The sooner we find and fix bugs, the higher quality the software will be when it comes time to upgrade or install to 1.7.

HOW: Go to and test-drive one of the DSpace User Interfaces, such as JSPUI or XMLUI. If anything comes up while you are testing DSpace, you can click the red Feedback link on the page. If you just have a question then you can either email dspace-tech, or chat with some other power-users in our IRC ( #dspace) chat room, people are always online, especially during Testathon week. If your more technically inclined, you can download, and install your own copy of DSpace. We're looking for feedback on the DSpace software, as well as inaccuracies in our documentation .

For a list of what's new in DSpace 1.7, see the Release Notes.