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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

Version 1.6.0

We invite developers to help with the next maintenance release of DSpace. Contributors are strongly encouraged to obtain the source code using SubVersion. This is very straightforward, and we've published a guide to doing so here: Code Contribution Guidelines

Bug Fix Releases

DSpace 1.6.0 has seen the following bug-fix releases. If you are using 1.6.0, we recommend upgrading minimally to the latest version of 1.6.x:

Installation Documentation

The DSpace System Documentation is available from our list of DSpace Resources.


Release Coordination

  • Stuart Lewis, The University of Auckland Library
  • (Backup Release Coordinator) Tim Donohue, DuraSpace

Timeline and Proceeding

Release Timeline:

  • December 4, 2009 : 1.6.0 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) released
  • December 7-11, 2009 : Testathon for 1.6.0 RC1
  • February 10, 2010 : 1.6.0 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) released
  • February 15-19, 2010 : Testathon for 1.6.0 RC2
  • March 2, 2010 : 1.6.0 Final Release

Testathon details available at DSpace Release 1.6.0 Testathon Page

Now, that the Testathon is finished and 1.6.0 released there are public test instances available at:

Release Process needs to proceed according to the following Maven release process: Release Procedure

New Features/Changes

A more detailed description for each of the below features is available on Stuart Lewis's blog entry entitled DSpace 1.6 - What will be in it for me?

These major new features are available in DSpace 1.6:

  • Enhanced statistics
  • Embargo facility
  • Batch metadata editing
  • Improved documentation
  • Authority control lists
  • Community administration

Other minor or backend features available in DSpace 1.6:

  • DSpace service locator
  • Command line script launcher ('dspace') for all operating systems
  • OpenSearch (ATOM feed of search results)
  • Security Improvements
  • SWORD Improvements (more flexible, better performance)
  • Updated Handle server
  • Numerous smaller bug/issue fixes

Known Issues


Also: Known bugs affecting 1.6.0 final


Last updated 3 March 2010. Up to date list also available at

Changes listed below are referenced by their issue number in DSpace Jira.

(Alexey Maslov)

  • [DS-289] OAI-PMH + OAI-ORE harvesting support

(Kim Shepherd)

  • [DS-118] File preview link during submission leads to page not found
  • [DS-121] XMLUI Feedback form breaks with multiple hostnames
  • [DS-156] File description not available in XMLUI
  • [DS-198] File descriptions can not be removed/cleared in XMLUI
  • [DS-240] Item validityKey not complete
  • [DS-251] Bulk Metadata Editing: XMLUI aspect and forms
  • [DS-363] JSPUI statistics views
  • [DS-406] View Statistics button does not work in item page
  • [DS-409] JSPUI stats display ignores 'statistics.item.authorization.admin'
  • [DS-414] File downloads listed in collections and communities statistics
  • [DS-438] JSPUI stats - filenames incorrect
  • [DS-418] I18n broken in JSPUI
  • [DS-474] handle.canonical.prefix undocumented

(Claudia Juergen)

  • [DS-114] Links not working due to trailing white space in dspace.url
  • [DS-188] Misspell exclude.type=indentifier in dstat.cfg
  • [DS-197] Deleting a primary bitstream does not clear the primary_bitstream_id on the bundle table
  • [DS-222] Email alerts due to internal errors are not sent, if context is missing
  • [DS-231] Missig file (just some obsolete use of index-all in the current documentation, corrected the docs)
  • [DS-248] Missing admin column in community table in database-schema.sql and update - community admin patch
  • Item Importer - documented the use of non-dc metadata during item import
  • [DS-269] Oracle JDBC connection string wrong in dspace.cfg - ID: 2722093
  • Removed superfluous statistics configuration parameters from dspace.cfg

(Andreas Schwander / Claudia Juergen)

  • [DS-337] A bug related with adding new -EPersons

(Andreas Schwander / Kim Shepherd)

  • [DS-331] Config property mismatch between dspace.cfg and DSpaceLocaleAction (XMLUI)

(Bram Luyten)

  • [DS-425] JSPUI cosmetics - horizontal scroll bar

(Ricardo Saraiva)

  • [DS-190] Portuguese (pt_PT) translation JSP-UI v1.5.2

(Stuart Lewis)

  • [DS-44] Monthly statistics skip first and last of month - SF ID: 2541435
  • [DS-161] Bulk metadata editing
  • [DS-194] Give METS ingester configuration option to make use of collection templates
  • [DS-195] Allow the primary bitstream to be set in the item importer / exporter
  • [DS-196] METS exposed via OAI-PMH includes description.provenance information
  • [DS-200] SWORD module requires the X-Packaging header
  • [DS-204] New -zip option for item exporter and importer
  • [DS-209] turnOffAuthorisationSystem() can throw a NPE
  • [DS-212] NPE thrown during Harvest of non-items when visibility restriction is enabled
  • [DS-213] IPAuthentication extended to allow negative matching
  • [DS-216] Migrating items that use additional metadata schemas causes an NPE
  • [DS-219] Internal Server error - include login details of user
  • [DS-221] XMLUI 'current activity' recognises Google Chrome as Safari
  • [DS-234] Configurable passing of Javamail parameter settings
  • [DS-242] Special groups shown for logged in user rather than for user being examined
  • [DS-250] Invalid identifiers are not escaped
  • [DS-256] Item Export ignores metadata language qualifier
  • [DS-279] XMLUI Item Mapper will map the same item more than one time
  • [DS-290] [dspace]/exports is not created during fresh install
  • [DS-303] Export migrate option incorrectly removes non-handle identifier.uris
  • [DS-315] Enhance readability of embedded metadata in html head
  • [DS-316] Make SWORD app:accepts configurable
  • [DS-318] JSPUI: Left over text in edit item about format
  • [DS-319] Replace '/dspace/bin/dsrun org.dspace.browse.ItemCounter' with /dspace/bin/itemcounter
  • [DS-321] DSpace command launcher
  • [DS-327] SWORD temp upload directory missing trailling slash
  • [DS-328] SWORD service documents do not include atom:generator element
  • [DS-333] Adjust SWORD ingest crosswalk to store bibliographic citation
  • [DS-364] Script to convert legacy dspace.log stats into solr stats records
  • [DS-372] New verbose option for [dspace]/bin/dspace cleanup script
  • [DS-388] Item importer - new option to enable workflow notification emails
  • [DS-389] Misleading label: "Submit to This Collection"
  • [DS-424] Export metadata button displayed in JSPUI Administration List of withdrawn items
  • [DS-442] Enable RSS feeds by default
  • [DS-445] New Bitstream.findAll() method
  • [DS-446] New ant step - test_database
  • [DS-447] Email test script

(Larry Stone)

  • [DS-400] Fix DCDate date formatting for display in JSPUI (thanks also to Stuart Lewis for testing and final adjustment)
  • [DS-284] alternate odd and even styles correctly on table rows in Item Summary view
  • [DS-393] Fix DCDate and submission timezone bugs that changed date on page reload
  • [DS-377] Add META tags identifying DSpace source version
  • [DS-373] Fix "Letter" link URLs in 2nd-stage Browse
  • [DS-294] Add preferred language setting to Edit Profile page in XMLUI
  • [DS-361] Syndication Feeds refactoring, support all RSS/Atom formats for both feed and OpenSearch
  • [DS-369] Follow harvest.includerestricted.rss in XMLUI
  • [DS-349] Admins can choose Internal BitstreamFormats in XMLUI
  • [DS-347] Add --quiet option to filter-media (MediaFilterManager) to disable progress messages
  • [DS-297] Move PostgreSQL-specific SQL into etc/postgres for greater clarity
  • [DS-338] Disable cache advice (Expires header) on Bitstream download that requires authorization (XMLUI)
  • [DS-285] Respond to If-Modified-Since request header in XMLUI, also provide Last-Modified response header for Bitstreams
  • [DS-288] Configurable option to hide metadata fields in public UIs and OAI-PMH
  • [DS-128] Fix repositioning on submission pages after add button is clicked (XMLUI)
  • [DS-255] Protect submission from being lost if exception occurs in CompleteStep
  • [DS-254] Fix response for authorization failure on Bitstream when user is logged-in
  • [DS-232] Parse personal names correctly if there is no space after the last name
  • [DS-191] metadataschemaregistry_seq is not initialized correctly under Oracle
  • [DS-193] OAI RDF crosswalk fails when DC value is null
  • [DS-249] sub-daily utility script does not pass arguments to Java
  • [DS-252] Interpolate variables in the Subject: line of email templates as well
  • [DS-262] Bug in DS-118, new patch included
  • [DS-274] Typo in XSL breaks rendering of dri:xref with class
  • [DS-275] License files not listed on Item Summary page
  • [DS-276] Patch to fix spelling error in Exception page
  • [DS-280] build.xml fails for ant versions below 1.7

(Larry Stone / Andrea Bollini)

  • [DS-236] Authority control for metadata fields and Choice Authority plugin framework

(Mark Diggory / Stuart Lewis)

  • [DS-201] handle.jar upgraded to version 6.2

(Mark Diggory / Ben Bosman / Kevin Van de velde)

  • [DS-335] DatabaseManager additions from Minho statistics addon.
  • [DS-247] Contribution of @MIRE Solr Based Statistics Engine to DSpace.
  • [DS-336] DSpace 2.0 Services Support / including fix for System.out lines.
  • [DS-241] DSpace Assembly Improvement

(Andrea Bollini)

  • [DS-206] Input form visibility restriction doesn't work properly
  • [DS-199] SWORD module doesn't accept X-No-Op header (dry run)
  • [DS-223] Submission process show previous button in JSPUI also if the step is the first "visible" step
  • [DS-227] Values with double apos doesn't work in dropdown and list input type
  • [DS-259] Community/collection admin should not to be able to delete their admin group
  • [DS-261] Community Admin JSPUI: porting of the DS-228 patch
  • [DS-271] Make the OAI DC crosswalk configurable
  • [DS-260] Template item some times has owningCollection filled and some times not
  • [DS-309] Shiboleth default roles are applied also to anonymous user and user logged-in with other methods
  • [DS-270] Make delegate admin permissions configurable
  • [DS-436] SWORD Authenticator doesn't support the special groups infrastructure
  • [DS-415] Create groups via admin UI authorization denied
  • [DS-217] Hardcoded String in the license bitstream

(Tim Donohue)

  • [DS-218] Cannot add/remove email subscriptions from Profile page in XMLUI
  • [DS-238] Move item function in xmlui
  • [DS-281] Invalid Link to "Go to DSpace Home" on Page Not Found (XMLUI)
  • [DS-378] XMLUI Submission Interface messes up in IE7 after an empty <hint> in input_forms.xml
  • [DS-382] Proposal: Add 'dc.creator' to Author browse index by default
  • [DS-385] Packager script is unable to import the same METS + DIM package that was exported
  • [DS-386] Allow user to specify which <dmdSec> is used by the METS Ingester when importing METS from Packager script
  • [DS-398] Submission license displayed on collection and item homepage (XMLUI)
  • [DS-399] Special characters in collection license lead to parse error (XMLUI)

(Tim Donohue / Claudia Juergen)

  • [DS-423] Ant target 'clean_database' doesn't drop all tables.

(Tim Donohue / Andrea Bollini)

  • [DS-228] Community Admin XMLUI: Delegated Admins Patch

(Ben Bosman)

  • [DS-483] statistics.item.authorization.admin ignored by xmlui
  • [DS-365] support for OAI gateways that do not use sets in harvester
  • [DS-392] Error messages in the submission do not disappear if e.g. one of the two errors are solved
  • [DS-381] community and collection homepage
  • [DS-310] UTF-8 encoding in community and collection text
  • [DS-307] Offer access in AbstractSearch to QueryResults for subclasses
  • [DS-306] Option to disable mailserver
  • [DS-226] confirmation page of edit profile has an invalid link
  • [DS-247] Update of contribution of @MIRE Solr Based Statistics Engine to DSpace.


  • [DS-225] dc.description.provenance - public display

(Yin Yin Latt / Stuart Lewis)

  • [DS-205] Creative Commons - option to set legal jurisdiction

(Fabio Kepler / Steve Williams)

  • [DS-258] Item View Thumbnails not displaying in XMLUI

(Van Ly)

  • [DS-291] README update for top level of dspace 1.6.0 package directory

(Graham Triggs)

  • [DS-299] Allow long values to be specified for the max upload request (> 2GB uploads)
  • [DS-344] Fix problem where apostrophe in email address would stop EPerson being selected
  • [DS-359] Add alternate file appender for log4j

(Mark Wood)

  • [DS-52] Factor out common webapp installation - ID: 2042160
  • [DS-455] Remove dspace/config/log4j.xml

(Ekaterina Pechekhonova)

  • [DS-330] Create new session on login / invalidate sessions on logout

(Richard Rodgers)

  • [DS-324] Add OpenSearch support

(Toni Prieto)

  • [DS-356] Antispam for suggest item feature
  • [DS-289 Oracle Patch] OAI-PMH + OAI-ORE harvesting support

(Flavio Botelho)

  • [DS-246] Fix configurable browse parameter encoding (XMLUI)
  • [DS-320] java.util.NoSuchElementException: Timeout waiting for idle object
  • [DS-353] Missing commits in XMLUI server-side javascript code.

(Flavio Botelho / Kim Shepherd)

  • [DS-468] Fixed "foreign characters broken in group names (XMLUI)"

(Hardik Mishra)

  • [DS-370] E Mail Sent On Item Export Error Message


  • [DS-375] Dspace 1.5.2 Russian translation

(Steven Williams / Ladd Hanson / Stuart Lewis)

  • [DS-295] CC License being assigned incorrect Mime Type during submission.

(Stuart Lewis / Graham Triggs)

  • [DS-460] Change logging from RollingFileAppender to DailyFileAppender