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This page tracks the scope and progress of the upcoming DSpace 6.4 release.

If you know of an open JIRA issue or contribution that you really want to see make it into 6.4 that isn't listed on this page, you can give it some attention by posting a message to the DSpace Developer mailing list, and/or giving it a shout-out in the #dev channel in the DSpace Slack

If you're able to volunteer time to code up a solution related to a JIRA issue that needs a volunteer, send in that Pull Request against the dspace-6_x branch!

If you're able to review and test an open Pull Request to help get it approved and merged, please do try out some PRs currently waiting for reviews and give your comments / results to help us keep things moving.

Please remember to forward port accepted PRs to 7.0 (master), where applicable

Any non-JSPUI and non-XMLUI bug fixes should be ported to the "master" branch to ensure they remain fixed in 7.0.  This includes any fixes to the Java API, OAI-PMH, REST API (as it's deprecated but still included in 7.0), SWORD (v1 or v2) or RDF.  Any forward-port PRs can merged quickly, provided that the original PR was accepted/merged for 6.4, one reviewer approves & all tests pass in Travis CI.  If there are any questions, or you need a quick review on a forward-port PR, contact Tim Donohue.

Scope and plan

DSpace 6.3 was released on June 2018. A new minor release for 6.x (and 5.x, 4.x) is really needed to help keep the community up to date with bug fixes and improvements.

Though there are many open PRs and issues against 6.x or flagged for 6.4, it is likely that only a critical subsection of these PRs will be included in 6.4 by <deadline> to ensure timely release. Many DSpace developers and committers are busy with the DSpace 7.0 release and can't divert too much energy to 6.4, so the release process will have to be fairly lean.

Release team volunteers (put a hand up if you want to help!):

Kim Shepherd

Hrafn Malmquist - especially interested in REST API fixes (DS-4065, see PR 2275) and various Discovery fixes, for instance DS-3637

Nicholas Woodward

Luigi Andrea Pascarelli (4Science) - high interest in having DS-4149 OpenAIRE literature v4 and DS-2715 ORCID support for JSPUI included in the release

Alan Orth - especially interested in REST API fixes (DS-4065), Discovery search fixes (DS-4271), and JDBC2 updates (DS-4574)

Tentative cut-off for PR merging:

August 1 2020

Suggested pre-release application (usability, functional) tests for DSpace 6.4

The below cover most of the fixes and improvements in DSpace 6.4. If we can get volunteers pooled / assigned so that a couple of people are thoroughly testing each of the below functional areas, that'll help confidence in release stability and in catching any last minute problems:

  1. Build (with all modules, and Mirage 2)
  2. Basic test of UIs, repository navigation
  3. Export item as zip (both UIs)
  4. Import item as zip (both UIs), with and without existing handle
  5. OAI clear, reimport, cache purge
  6. OAI identifiers and records for various contexts - spot-checking and log checking
  7. Discovery full reindex (CLI), checking index records in Solr dashboard
  8. Submission to collection, completing as many fields as possible, with and without bitstream, with and without workflow
  9. Repeat submission, with SHERPA API key configured and make sure JSPUI policy info shows up and XMLUI link to policy info shows up, for a valid ISSN
  10. Test Discovery browse (all UIs), filtering multiple times where possible
  11. Test fulltext and thumbnail creation with the media filter
  12. Test SWORDv1 submission (using supplied ‘’)
  13. Test SWORDv2 submission (using supplied ‘’)
  14. Test basic REST functionlity and reports at /rest/static/reports/index.html

Approved PRs that just need merging

These PRs are flagged for 6.4 and already have approval. They should be reviewed again and either merged (& ported to master branch where applicable) or rescheduled (if for some reason the approval is not enough to get them into 6.4).

Issues merged for 6.4, waiting on something else (eg. porting to other another version, or documentation)

These issues are already fixed in 6.x branch but cannot be closed until they are forward-ported to master, or in the case of a security / critical bugfix, backported to 4.x and 5.x.

IssueNotesFurther work needed

DS-3849 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Already merged for 6.x but master Travis CI build has Unit Test errors which need fixingport to master
(5.x PR also exists)

DS-3453 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Already merged for 6.x but master PR#2121 has conflicts - very simple conflict involving whitespace in the imports, by the looks...port to master

DS-3658 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Already merged for both fix versions but needs 6.x documentation (7.0 doc already added) just before 6.4 releasedocumentation (new feature)

DS-4104 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Already merged for all fix versions but ones one additional round of small fixes, incorrect date nametiny change to 3 branches

DS-4291 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Already merged for 6.x but waiting on master port (which is implemented quite differently, at API level)port to master


Do we need the full "first review, second review, test, merge, port" checklist here? Depends how our workload looks. Certainly if there are PRs people are lobbying for, a list might help. (see 6.3 equiv checklist DSpace Release 6.3 Status)

Open PRs flagged for 6.4 milestone (Github):

Non-closed JIRA Issues with 6.4 milestones:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Fixed for 6.4:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

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