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Title (Goal)Check the originality of the research output prior to depositing it permanently into institutional repository.
Primary ActorRepository admin, content curator etc.
(A paragraph or two
describing what happens)
The repository system (with the help of Unplag module) will automatically scan the uploaded file(s) for similarity
across the repository (and optionally Internet) and will return similarity score and detailed similarity report for the
submission. Report will provide detailed information about similarity matches with content in the repository (and on
the Internet), showing matched text areas, similarity %, links to sources etc. The purpose of the check is to ensure
that uploaded file meets the quality standards (academic integrity standards in writing) of the institution. Papers that
fall below certain originality % will be returned for revision. This automatic check is not a replacement for upstream
quality control measures, but adds additional layer of QC - it’s a final quality filter before making a permanent deposit.