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Title (Goal)Workflow tasks can be filtered and sorted
Primary ActorAdministrator
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)Currently, the workflow tasks overview page shows very limited information about each item: title, collection and submitter. This information is often not enough to allow reviewers to find a given workflow task and/or to decide which workflow task to process next. It would be great if the workflow tasks overview page could be adjusted by each reviewer, perhaps in a similar way to how redmine allows users to save queries, see attached screenshot for an example. It should also be possible to sort the workflow task tables by any of the columns shown. redmine-filter-issues.png


  1. This use case was brought up at the workshop about the DSpace review workflow at OR2015.

  2. The filtering, sorting and UI personalization will be proposed for inclusion in DSpace 7 see MyDSpace as a dashboard