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Title (Goal)Admin UI - Workflow Overview Reject Items
Primary ActorAdmin
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

Current behaviour: An Editor has approved a submission by mistake and needs to return the item to the submitter to make changes. The Final Editor cannot reject the submission so the Sys Admin clicks "Sends items back to submitter" from the Workflow Overview. The Sys Admin is not able to include a reason for rejecting the submission. The submitter is confused when the submission is returned to her submission pool with no explanation and contacts the Sys Admin.

Suggested behaviour: 1. The Sys Admin can send the submission back to the Editor OR 2. The Sys Admin can include a reason for rejecting the submission from the Workflow Overview.

1 Comment

    1. It would be nice that the reason for rejection could be stored in any way. Possibly in dspace.log file.
    2. And the same feature when the item is withdraw.