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Title (Goal)Admin UI - System Alerts via Admin UI
Primary ActorAdministrator
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

DSpace should provide timely, informative system notifications / reports of common issues, similar to the following:

  • Notification of inaccessible Solr / Search Index: After installing DSpace for her local institution and depositing a few initial items, Susan realizes that the search function doesn't seem to be finding any content. The browse facets also do not seem to be appearing. She logs in DSpace via her Administrator account. At the top of the screen is a warning box that states that "DSpace cannot seem to connect to the required Solr instance. Browse & search will not function properly until this is corrected."  She clicks on the provided link and it takes her to a screen to reconfigure her Solr settings. Whoops. Looks like it was trying to connect to the wrong port. She corrects it, and saves the changes (which triggers an index refresh), and the warning now disappears.  Search and browse now seem to be working again!
  • Notification of nearly full Assetstore: John has been the Administrator for a DSpace site for some time. This morning he finds a notification email from DSpace which lets him know that the "Assetstore is 90% full."  He logs into his Administrative account to find a similar warning box. He schedules a system maintenance period for later in the week. He'll add a new drive to the SAN then, in order to add more space to the Assetstore.
  • Notification of a missing Assetstore: Jenny arrives into work to find an email from her DSpace site waiting in her inbox.  It states that the "Assetstore is currently inaccessible or empty."  She logs into her Administrator account to find a similar warning box displayed there.  Digging deeper, she realizes that after some system maintenance last night, the mounted drive which acts as their DSpace Assetstore was not re-mounted. She quickly re-mounts the missing drive, and the warning box goes away.
  • Notification of a new DSpace release: Steve logs into DSpace this morning, to find an Information box. It states there is now a "New Release of DSpace is available!" which he may wish to upgrade to. He clicks on the provided link to look at the release notes. Looks like there's several important bug fixes there, so he decides to schedule a system maintenance period next week so that he can upgrade his DSpace to the latest version.