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Title (Goal)Embargo functionality (Admin)
Primary ActorAdmin
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

Admin wants to manage embargo features via Admin UI



  1. I currently have difficulty understanding embargo options and when things will be lifted.  Would be nice if this could be automated and built in.

  2. Currently, embargo information exists in 2 places - item metadata and in the policy tables.  When an embargo is in effect, the policy dates must be enforced.  What information should be conveyed to an end user when an embro is in effect?

    1. Per Terry's note, Embargo does currently exist in 2 places (which can add to the confusion about when/how an embargo is "lifted").  I've opened up a ticket to suggest correcting this:
      Unable to locate Jira server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.

  3. Would also be helpful to have more obvious info on the difference between making an item Private or Withdrawing it (and of course making it Public or Reinstating).

  4. We use embargo quite a lot in RCAAP repositories. But since we adopt DS5, the process get a little bit more confusing. We don't use DS3+ Embargo feature because we need the metadata to have embargo settings in it.

    We think that embargo could benefit from two things: dc.rights field could change it's state after embargo lift (leaving some automated message in metadata one field like dc.description.provenance); and if it was possible to overlap embargoed items permissions based on  permissions defined by the administrator. Because, at this point, if an item is embargoed, the administrator can set other permissions for that item but they are ignored.