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Title (Goal)Detect and re-assign stalled workflow tasks
Primary ActorAdministrator
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

When a reviewer has taken a workflow task from the pool and then leaves the institution, the workflow task can be left in a stalled state. Currently, this is typically detected only when the submitter complains that the item has not been approved yet. When the reviewer is not a member of the Administrators group, this can be remedied using the "log in as eperson" functionality; however this doesn't work for reviewers who are admins. The configurable workflow's different task/role allocation mechanism may or may not help with this issue. It's also currently very difficult to even detect items that are in such a state.

It should be possible (perhaps for certain roles only) to find items that are "stuck", for a yet-to-be-determined definition of "stuck". For example, how would DSpace know that a user is no longer at the institution.

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  1. This use case was brought up at the workshop about the DSpace review workflow at OR2015.