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Title (Goal)Collection Admin can construct a Quality Control report
Primary ActorCollection Admin
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

A collection administrator can construct a quality control report based on metadata fields.

This report could be used to initiate a manual metadata cleanup through the UI or a batch metadata cleanup through the bulk metadata update process.

  • Report can be scoped to a collection or community
  • Test for the presence or absence of a metadata field
  • Perform pattern match against metadata field



  1. Hi Terrence W Brady,

    While this idea sounds interesting, I'm wondering if you can expand on this use case a bit?  What would a "quality control" report look like? What sorts of things would it test for?

    I'm also curious how this may or may not overlap with simply exporting a metadata to CSV (using the Batch Metadata Editing tools) and using Excel to perform some of these presence/absence checks, etc.  So, it might be useful to expand a bit on what sort of report would be useful and some everyday scenarios where it would come in handy, etc.

  2. Tim Donohue,

    As an illustration, see the following screen shots.

    This week, I have been attempting to migrate some of this functionality to be built upon the REST API.  I will share some notes on a wiki page once I have a version that will be ready to share.

    1. Thanks Terry, exactly the sort of extra info / examples I was looking for around this!