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  • Tal Ayalon
  • Kimberly Chapman
  • Scott Hanrath
  • Barbara Hirschmann

  • Agustina Martínez-García
  • Beate Rajski

Discussion items

Survey update and review
    • We received no responses from the additional service providers
    • We received 3 from user groups
    • Responses

Action: Keeping user group and additional service providers surveys open a couple more weeks.

  • Discussion around needing to hear more from Peru, South America, India, and North American User Groups.
  • Agustina emailed Mic re the user group survey and recipients.
  • Kimberly will send reminders to additional service providers.
 Report Outline

Barbara's identified themes

We will move forward with 4 theme areas

  1. Architecture (Agustina and Scott will draft)
    1. This will include the original "3. Uses cases" theme as examples of how DSpace might consider building out an extensible architecture to handle multiple uses based on a "core" DSpace. This includes considering whether the traditional Open Access IR use case should be that core, or one of several uses cases that build on the core.
  2. Empower Users (Tal will draft)
  3. Compliance with standards and international initiatives (Barbara will draft)
    1. how/where should DSpace and its community explicitly address compliance with COAR, openAIRE, etc. Benchmarking? Levels of support?

In addition to these three themes, we discussed the value of capturing a list of the important features and use cases that surfaced in our research and discussions with stakeholders. This might be something like an appendix. (Beate will draft).

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