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  • Tal Ayalon
  • Kimberly Chapman
  • Scott Hanrath
  • Barbara Hirschmann

  • Agustina Martínez-García
  • Beate Rajski

Discussion items

30 minService provider interviews de-brief
  • All 3 service provider interviews are complete. Notes are being reviewed and posted to work area.
  • Common themes included organizational/community/process issues as well as technical and functional issues.
  • Broad themes:
    • extensibility and plugin architectures
    • integrations with larger digital scholarship ecosystem
    • ease of configuration
20 minNext steps for community engagement
  • WG will send a survey to coordinators of national user groups
  • Survey will be based on interview questions used with service groups
10 minFinal report schedule
  • Original July time frame appears difficult.
  • Will seek to extend delivery of report to early fall.

Action items

  • Agustina Martinez will ask Michele about best options for distributing survey to user group coordinators
  • Scott Hanrath will draft survey questions in work area